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How Can I Get Recruiters to Help Me With My Job Search?

QUESTION: How can I get recruiters to help me with my job search? Ask them directly, in a professional and approachable manner. Search for recruiters on LinkedIn and send a personalized connection request. Try working with a recruiting firm who specializes in your...

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How to Improve the Impact of Cover Letters?

QUESTION: My cover letters seem so boring. What can I do to improve the impact of the letters I send? Just like the papers you wrote in school, make sure the first sentence grabs the reader's attention. Limit your letter to three short paragraphs. P1: Show the company...

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How Can I Prepare to Relocate?

QUESTION: I'm planning to relocate. How can I avoid being overlooked for a job opportunity because I live in a different state? Adopt an employer outlook! How can you convince them you’ll be a valuable asset? 1. Do your due diligence on their needs. Create a value...

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How Can I Get Ready For a Career Move in January?

QUESTION: With the New Year approaching, how can I make sure I'm ready to make a career move in January? Discern what you bring to the company's table. Put that in quantifiable terms, determine your key skills, figure out who needs you and why (targeting). Put...

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How Can I Make the Best Use of My LinkedIn Profile?

QUESTION: How can I make the best use of my LinkedIn profile? Be authentic. Inject your personality into your LinkedIn headline, summary, and experience sections to show people WHO you are, WHAT you’ve done, and HOW you add value. Take advantage of the endorsements...

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Unhappy In My Job, What To Do?

QUESTION: I’m unhappy in my job but I can’t make a career change right now. What do you suggest? Not an uncommon situation yet quitting a job without a plan is risky. Start by evaluating, researching, and planning. Explore career options, assess enjoyable tasks and...

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Resume Tips for a Hard-to-Pronounce Name

QUESTION: How should I handle it on my resume if my name is hard to pronounce or doesn't reveal my gender? Rather than explain your gender or the pronunciation of your name on your resume, include a link to your LInkedIn profile on your resume and use that space to...

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Resume Tips To Avoid Age Discrimination

QUESTION: What can I do when writing my resume to avoid age discrimination? Robust LinkedIn profile. Professional head shot for LinkedIn. Omit or hide “old” online images. No serif fonts. No age-related numbers in email addresses. No AOL, cable, phone co. or Hotmail...

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Why Should I Pay for a Professional Resume Service?

QUESTION: Why should I pay for a professional service when my friend in HR said he could create my resume? It’s simple. Just because someone works in HR doesn’t mean they know recruiting. Hiring managers know what they prefer in a resume, but they can’t necessarily...

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